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St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Ranchi

Principal's Message (Rev. Fr. Dr. Nabor Lakra, s.j.)

Congratulations to all the undergraduates and postgraduate students on completion of their studies at St. Xavier's College, Ranchi ! Your graduation marks the culmination of all the hard work you have put through your life as a student. Enjoy it, savour it and bask in the delight of achieving your goals. You have made us proud. College opened your mind to a world of possibilities. Now open your mind to the impossible. Life isn't too different from college. You'll face victories and defeats; you'll make new friends and new enemies along the way; people who will support you, people who will disown you. You'll face the twist and turn of life but your education at St. Xavier's will the pillar you can always lean on, an anchor you'll fall back on to, to become the master of your own destiny. Your degree is not just a piece of paper. It is the set of wings that will help you to fly away to new horizon, into a new world. You fought battle, you overcame obstacles. You had a goal, gave it your soul. You worked hard, went the extra mile. You gave it your all, today you stand tall.

Education is about understanding the possibilities that the world has to offer. Being successful in life is about understanding the possibility that you can create by yourself.I am confident that most of you 'II be successful. I pray to the almighty to bestow His abundant blessings.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Nabor Lakra, s.j. Principal