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About the Society:


Microbiologists Society was established in March 1996 and registered in November 1996 in Satara, Maharashtra, India. (Reg. No.MAH/4814/SAT)


  • To organize courses in Microbiology at all levels of education.
  • To cultivate liaison between governmental and non- governmental institutions academies, societies and other organization non-organizations in the field of microbiology.
  • To advise the government and its agencies on the microbiological problems of public interest.
  • To co-operate and affiliate with international organizations in the field of microbiology.
  • To hold and sponsor or support conferences, seminars, symposia, exhibition and meeting and to arrange lectures and demonstrations on any aspects of Microbiology.
  • To encourage and support research in microbiology.
  • To established library of microbiology literature.
  • To arrange funds and donations etc. For the promotion of subject activities.
  • To do and perform all other activities that may assist in the fulfillments of the above mentioned objects.

Who can be a Member?

Any Student/Faculty from Any Department interested in Life Science Subject can enroll as a Member.


State President (2021-22): Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastava (HoD, Botany, SXC, Ranchi)

Student Council (2021-22):

  • 1.President: Mr. Saratsuvra Pyne
  • 2.Vice President: Ms. Arundhati
  • 3.Secretary: Ms. Aditi Priya
  • 4.Joint Secretary: Ms. Sruti Gupta
  • 5.Treasurer: Ms. Astha Mehta

State President (2022-23): Dr. Sumira Malik (Assistant Professor, Amity Univeristy, Jharkhand)

Student Council (2022-23):

  • 1.Mentor: Mr. Saratsuvra Pyne
  • 2.President: Ms. Riya Gupta
  • 3.Vice President: Ms. Tashu Natasha Kisku
  • 4.Secretary: Ms. Sharanya Karmakar
  • 5.Joint Secretary: Ms. Akriti Kumari
  • 6.Treasurer: Ms. Sheetal Pratiksha Topno
  • 7.Programme Officer: Ms. Bhumi

Student Council ((2023-24):

  • 1.Chief Coordinator: Mr. Saratsuvra Pyne
  • 2.President: Mr. Aditya Dwivedi
  • 3.Vice President: Ms. Sakshi Sinha
  • 4.Secretary: Ms. Arjita Raj
  • 5.Joint Secretary: Ms. Deepshikha Singh
  • 6.Treasurer: Ms. Liza Rana