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St. Xavier’s College Policy

Information Technology Policy

St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi (Affiliated to Ranchi University, Ranchi) is committed to help all of its students to reach their full potential and the best of their education. Following this viewpoint, the institution has developed an extensive information-technology environment for all the faculty, staff, students, and other members of the community. Here exists a full-fledged, comprehensive and well guided Information and Technology Policy for all the St. Xavier’s College Community members.


The IT usage applies to faculty, staff, students, and other members of the institution community who access or uses the institution’s e-resources comprehensively without limitation under a regulated setup.

This policy applies to all information-technology and other electronic resources (e-resources) of the institution, including without limitation:

  • i. All computers, systems, equipment, software, networks, and computer facilities owned, managed, or maintained by the Institution for the handling of data, voice, television, telephone, or related signals or information.
  • ii. The creation, processing, communication, distribution, storage, and disposal of information under the Institution’s control.
  • iii. Members of the institution may have access to third- party electronic resources through their affiliation with the institution, including the resources on server and the supporting applications or websites.
  • iv. Use of these resources by members of the institution is governed by this policy and any applicable policy or restriction of the third-party provider.

Policy Summary

This policy mention herein applies to all the campus activities, outside or in house contract bodies or organisations, and student activities. The policy considers the roles in process with working, maintaining, operating, and looking after institution e resources. IT-staffs are responsible for the administration and regulation of this policy.


Information technology is an important resource in today’s world. The institution and all its staff members are legally obligated to protect the sensitive data of the institution. The computer resources of St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi are available to authorized students, faculty, administrators, and staff for educational, research, and administrative purposes.


The institution broadly looks into the easy access, no unauthorized access, correct and required delivery of data and information for both academics and administration.

Data is used, managed, and protected appropriately to ensure that they are:

  • i. Rightly Available
  • ii. Comprehensive and Accurate , and
  • iii. Disclosed appropriately when required.


The term IT-Resources includes Email, Accounts and Access, E Resources (remote or otherwise), College MIS data available on the intranet and internet, and physical resources such as servers, laptops, firewalls, antivirus, network switches, access points.


The Institution may send official correspondence to members of its community via electronic mail. Students, faculty and staff are expected to check their @ email accounts regularly. Institution’s employees are expected to use their email on for several academic submissions and timely updates.

Accounts and Access Restrictions

  • i. The primary methods used to authenticate users of the College’s e resources are User IDs and passwords. Unauthorized access to e resources or any restricted information found within them are prevented by this primary method.
  • ii. It is expected that all users will not share their passwords with any other person and would protect them from disclosure especially with student community, keep a check as per the normal practice in changing and monitoring the account related activities.
  • iii. IT staffs of the institution are to be contacted if there arises any inaccessibility or threat relating to the account.

E- Resources

E-resources may be used only for the purposes authorized by the College. These purposes generally comprise work, study, research, service, or student residential activities consistent with the College’s mission and priorities.

All use of e-resources must comply with:

  • i. Institution policies, procedures, and codes of conduct, including those found in the student, faculty, and employee handbooks.
  • ii. All laws and regulations applicable to the user or the Institution; and,
  • iii. The Institution has sole authority to determine what uses of e resources are proper and may prohibit or discipline use deemed inconsistent with this policy or other applicable standards of conduct.

Prohibited under the usage of IT Resources

  • i. Use the College’s Internet or other network access in a malicious manner or to alter or destroy any material which the user is not authorized to alter or destroy;
  • ii. Requisition of any user’s password by any person including any member of the IT staff other than the owner, is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • iii. Damage computer or network systems; create or intentionally introduce or propagate computer viruses, worms, or other malicious code to any e-resource; attempt to degrade the performance of the system or to deprive authorized users of
  • iv. Tamper with, modify, damage, alter, or attempt to defeat restrictions or protection placed on accounts or any e-resources; or

Usage Policy

It is expected that all staff members will use the IT- resources for the purpose in which they are intended to, in a responsible, ethical, and lawful manner. While performing their duties, St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi staff members have access to a wide range of confidential information about students, staff and the Institution in general. Information is expected to be accessed only for the purpose of fulfilling job duties. Such information accessed would not be shared or used either internally or externally for any purpose other than its intended use.

Hardware and software available at the campus are maintained by constant monitoring of usage, licensing limitations, protection from virus, and some alike.

ICT Infrastructure





Desktop Computers

Different Computer Labs


Online Kiosks

Admin Office








Server Room in campus




Others (Board Room, Audi, Conference AV Room)


CCTV Cameras




Labs & Staffs


Biometric Systems



Digital signage TV



Bulk SMS Service



Printing & Scanning



Mobile App

Campus and Externally.

Operational Procedures

  • i. All users have been provided their individual login id & password to access all or permitted recourses(IT),
  • ii. Laptops are issued to staff for their official usage inside the college.
  • iii. The students are given unique credentials to access the computers and laptop available in the Institution premises.
  • iv. Accessing IT resources by students are channelized and guided with proper data Security methodologies.
  • v. The faculty members are provided with official email ids for communicating with stakeholders (internal/external).
  • vi. Data backups are done as a routine process to negate any chance of data loss.
  • vii. Use of Mobile Phones, games and music are strictly prohibited in the Computer Lab
  • viii. Direct data access methodologies are strictly prohibited as USB, Hard Disks, pen drives and image scanners are not permitted in the data rooms and main offices.