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St. Xavier’s College Policy


The teaching and non-teaching staffs at St. Xavier's College in Ranchi benefit from effective welfare measures. The output and selfless contribution of any staff is reflected in the welfare measures made toward them by the college or institution.

Staff welfare is a top priority at St. Xavier's College (SXC) in Ranchi. In connection to this, Existing welfare measures for teaching and non-teaching staffs are listed below:

  • i. Medical leave and maternity leave are available to eligible staff members.
  • ii. The institute contributes a specific amount to an employee's PF account in accordance with PF guidelines, in order to ensure their future safety.
  • iii. Earned Leave is available to faculty members. Employees can en-cash earned leaves according to the rules at the end of their service.
  • iv. Group Insurance scheme and Health insurance are provided for staff members.
  • v. Each month, the employee receives salary on time through bank accounts
  • vi. The management ensures that all of the festivals are celebrated together because the institution has a multicultural environment on campus.
  • vii. Punjab National Bank (one of the Nationalised Banks) , St. Xavier’s College Branch is located along with the ATM in the campus to cater to the banking needs of the staffs.
  • viii. Within the campus is a full-fledged dispensary where medical services can be obtained. On all day, a doctor and a compounder are available during working hours. Staff members can seek medical assistance at the Dispensary. The most basic medicines are offered free of charge.
  • ix. Various canteens are available on campus for workers to use during working and extended hours
  • x. Staff members have access to a gym, Internet, and free Wi-Fi on campus.
  • xi. The management organizes a staff trip for both teaching and non-teaching staffs once a year. The trip's financial expenses are also covered by the management. This trip allows the staffs to re-energize and refresh their minds and bodies.
  • xii. Faculty members have been given permission to act as resource persons.
  • xiii. Faculty development programmes (FDP) are held on a regular basis for faculty members.
  • xiv. Skill development courses are held for both teaching and non-teaching staffs to improve their skills in the workplace.
  • xv. Automation of attendance and leave using biometric system.
  • xvi. The management recognizes and appreciates the works of the faculty members who improve their research work through high-quality publications over the academic year.
  • xvii. Non-doctoral staff members are encouraged to enroll in Ph.D. programmes.
  • xviii. Special health and fitness programmes, such as yoga, are offered.
  • xix. Security services, Identity cards, photocopy services and sports facilities are provided for both the teaching and non-teaching staff members.
  • xx. Sports and Cultural Meet for teaching and non-teaching staffs are organized.
  • xxi. All of the blocks in the college have access to drinking water and elevators. There is a separate vehicle parking area for teaching and non-teaching staffs.
  • xxii. Both teaching and non-teaching staffs have access to library services.
  • xxiii. When it comes to receiving benefits from the organisation, all employees are treated equally.
  • xxiv. Worker Engagement is often done to comprehend and portray the nature of the relationship between an association and its representatives, both subjectively and quantitatively.
  • xxv. Staff members can also receive motivation through counseling in order to establish a healthy working environment. This not only improves the employee's work-life balance, but it also helps us increase production and allows our employees to work effectively and with great satisfaction.
  • xxvi. The Women Forum Cell is developed to provide opportunities for female members to flourish and gain momentum.

In a nutshell, St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi makes every effort to keep staff happy and healthy.