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St. Xavier’s College Policy



St. Xavier's College, Ranchi, believes that research and quality improvement in the teaching and learning process contribute to classroom excellence. Significant changes in the structure of education have occurred both nationally and worldwide, making learning more accessible. As a result of these changes, teachers must be more adaptable, flexible, and diversified. Internal faculty members can upgrade their academic knowledge through the platforms provided by SXC's well-designed Policy related to financial support.

Policy Statement

This programme intends to assist faculty members in advancing their academic careers. The goal is achieved by offering financial assistance to educators and encouraging them to attend seminars, symposia, conferences, workshops, and training workshops held in India and abroad. This would aid in sharing knowledge, fostering academic growth, increasing collaborations and networking. This also helps to create a conducive environment for academic study. The outcomes of such interactions and interventions would improve teachers' professional and personal effectiveness, resulting in institutional, individual, and student academic achievements.


i. Provide financial assistance to all teaching faculty for the following:

  • a. Attending or participating in seminars, symposia, conference workshops, refresher courses, course works of PhD programmes, book publications, and training workshops in India and abroad.
  • b. International collaborations and exchange Programmes including international internships.
  • c. Encouraging faculty members to apply for travel grant funds.
  • d. Programmes held in India and abroad for all teaching faculty members.
  • e. Providing financial assistance to faculty members in the form of reimbursement of registration fee and DA/TA to encourage their participation in various conferences/workshops for professional development.
  • f. Professional Development Programs, Capacity Building, Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs), Management Development Programmes (MDPs)

ii. Provide and facilitate training programmes for faculty members by corporate partners/collaborators of the College as part of collaborative programmes delivered in India or abroad.

iii. Arrange academic exchange programmes for faculty members with reputable academic institutions whenever it is deemed essential.

iv. To promote and motivate faculty members to avail funding assistance for research, outreach/extension activities, or nationally recognized UGC programmes from various funding organizations.

v. Offer training programmes and financial assistance to qualifying teaching faculty members/members, as needed, for programmes given by corporate partners for softwares/courses essential for the smooth operation of the Institution's collaborative programmes.

vi. To organize career and skill capability enhancement programmes.

vii. To provide funds at the departmental level for guest lectures, seminars, and field visits, as well as performing association events, joint activities, and outreach programmes.

viii. Organizing staff training and development programmes to enhance professional competency.

Scope of the Policy

The policy extends to all levels of academic/research activities, but not to any type of certification programme. Participation in such programmes is contingent on local need evaluations and approval, among other things, and is consistent with the institution's requirements. The faculty should align their participation with academic content standards, or research standards as enumerated in the Research Policy.

Policy Guidelines

The following guidelines have been created in accordance with Xaviers Ranchi's policies.

Staff Members-Teaching and non-teaching staff members who are on a permanent basis and are on probation will be eligible for grants under the following circumstances:

  • i. Financial support for professors to attend workshops, FDPs, and conferences to improve their intellectual capacities.
  • ii. Seed money for research projects, particularly those with a social impact.
  • iii. Financial assistance is available, and faculty members are encouraged to attend workshops, trainings, and refresher programmes.
  • iv. The faculty member must have completed his or her probation in order to participate in international conferences.
  • v. After probation, faculty members are encouraged to apply for UGC grants and other funding agencies with the Principal's approval.

Note: If the allocated UGC funds are fully utilized, the institution will provide monetary assistance in the above-mentioned conditions using Special Earmarked funds from Management.

Procedure of Availing the Grant/Aid

  • i. In the case of national conferences/seminars, applications should be sent to the Principal/Registrar at least 7 days in advance.
  • ii. For international events, the application must be submitted to the Principal or Registrar at least 45 days in advance, with an alternate teaching plan authorized by the corresponding Head of Department. The faculty member should also make sure that students' teaching hours are not affected.
  • iii. The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) scrutinizes the applications for their relevance and need.
  • iv. If there are multiple applicants from the same department, the principal's decision is final.
  • v. In the event of research paper presentation funding, if the paper is co-authored, the first author will be given preference. However, the application should include No Objection Certificates from the second author(s).

Reports/Outcome Recording of Such events

  • i. Within a week of returning, the staff member must submit a detailed report together with the bills for reimbursement.
  • ii. On submission of original copies of air travel tickets, visa, boarding passes, attendance/participation certificates, statement of expenditures, and a brief report on the Seminar/Conference/Workshop / Proceedings, the expenses incurred will be refunded.
  • iii. In the case of any training programme attended by the staff, the details of the programme/learning experience should be presented to the respective department within a week of their return.
  • iv. Faculty members who attend an international seminar or conference should work on publishing their work in a reputable international journal.
  • v. Copies of participation certificates, best paper certificates, and other relevant certificates should be handed over to the Research Department, with a soft copy uploaded on the ERP.


Application for Attending International /National/ State Conference/ Workshop/ Symposia/Training





Date of the Event


Role of the applicant in the Event


Duration of the Event


Financial assistance already availed during the current year

(mention the amount already claimed till date)

Number of events attended during the current year

(mention the number of events attended till date)

Type of leave availing currently


If Advance Amount is claimed currently, submit:


(i)      Copies of acceptance letter from the organizer of the conference


(ii)     Attach Abstract of the paper to be presented and accepted by the organizer of the conference (upto 300 words).