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Department of Department of BioTechnology

From the Desk of Prof. Deokant, M.Sc.- H.O.D

Biotechnology is a job oriented professional course which includes different technological aspects of microorganisms, plants and animals. Different transgenic (genetically modified) organisms like Bt cotton, Flavr-Savr tomato, Superbug, Dolly sheep etc. have already been prepared for different applications and human welfare. It is very interesting to play with genes and genomes, isolate them and transfer to some other organisms and change their characteristics (Gene cloning).Biotechnology is a sky with unlimited possibilities & expectations and it depends on students that at what height they can fly or want to fly.

Aim & Objective

Presently bio technology is one of the most demanding areas in the industries like, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Agriculture and Medical Diagnostic. The revolution is going on in the industries for new technology introduction in the drug delivery system, preservation and processing of food, crops and pest management, genetic engineering, gene and stem cell therapy, more sophisticated and zero error diagnostic system. This course is the introduction door for the students who are aim their career in these fields.

Higher scopes of avenues of the Bio-Technology Programme

You can pursue Masters Degree in the same field and select one or more area of operation as per your choice. After completion of Master degree programme many research options are also available in India and abroad. One can also go for self employment and get jobs in different pharmaceutical, Immunological, Microbiological, Food Processing Industries, Fermentation Industries and Biomedical components/diagnostics manufacturing companies.

Eligibility Requirement

Candidates having secured an aggregate of 50% in science from JAC/ICSE/CBSE or any other recognized board are eligible.

Selection Procedure

The selection of the candidates will be made on the basis of the marks secured in the Entrance Test followed by Interview, to be notified on the college notice board/college website.

Career option available with this programme in the following fields

  • 1. Agricultural Technologist
  • 2. Hospital Diagnostic Technologist
  • 3. Technologist in the Food Processing/Beverage Industry
  • 4. Technologist in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • 5. Technologist in the Crops & Cattle Industry
  • 6. Biological Researcher (R & D Sector)
  • 7. Genetic Engineering and Gene Cloning
  • 8. Gene Therapy
  • 9. Stem Cell Technology
  • 10. Microbiological Companies
  • 11. Immunological Companies
  • 12. Bioinformatics Tool Designing
  • 13. Biomedical Industries
  • 14. Micro propagation and Transgenic
  • 15. Drug Designing and Delivery System
  • 16. Recombinant and Edible Vaccine development
  • 17. Gene Sequencing and Genome Analysis
  • 18. Vector Designing and Development
  • 19. Nano biotechnology
  • 20. DNA Fingerprinting and Forensic Science